WordPerfect for Windows 5.1

Category: Office
Year: 1992
Description:WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows was the first version of WordPerfect for the Microsoft Windows 3.x platform. This version is very buggy, and uses a DOS based installation program. To install, extract the contents of each folder in this archive to a floppy, or copy the installation folders to a hard drive, and run install.
Manufacturer: WordPerfect Corporation
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#12053wpwin51.zip7.3 MB0xE39D4290Fake?

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On Wednesday January 30, 2013 btm85bubs said:

Thanks for the upload.
This is an interim release of WPWin 5.1, as indicated by the "Program Release" date in the Help > About box.
WP Corp. routinely issued interim releases identified by release date. There are dozens of versions of WPDOS 5.1, but only a few of WPWin 5.1.
The first U.S. release was dated 1991-11-04. This Canadian one is dated 1992-05-15. It appears to be virtually identical to the U.S. interim release, dated 1992-04-30.
(The first Australian release was dated 1991-11-15.)
For more information on the differences between the Nov. 1991 and Apr. 1992 releases, consult the README.WP file in the WPWIN folder.