Freehand 5.0a

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1995
Description:FreeHand 5.0a Released in 1995 by Macromedia For Windows 3.1 with Win32s, 95, and NT Freehand is a vector based drawing program used to create illustrations. It is similar to CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. This version was released by Macromedia, after Aldus was bought out. This version is a 32-bit Win32s application that can run under Windows 3.1 with Win32s, 95, or NT. Note: The setup program crashes under some emulators. This appears to be related to the detection of Win32s. Disks need redump from original media. Nicked from:
Manufacturer: Macromedia
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#23729FreeHand 5.0a (3.5).7z6.5 MB0xE5D27144

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