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Walsh Engineering Sprinkler-Calc 7.2 Win 7.2

Thomas J Walsh , PE (RI Professional Engineer, Licensed in RI as PE.0007923 - March 26, 2004 to June 30, 2015, now shows as inactive) started Walsh Engineering Inc, at Quonset Point Industrial Park, North Kingstown, RI, USA ( Fire Protection Consultants for fire sprinkler contractors and architects) around 1973 and closed up operations on or about 1997. Tom was born November 30, 1925 in Somerville, MA. He lived as a retired engineer in Narragansett, RI and died suddenly at 89 years old on February 20, 2015 while on vacation in Palm Beach, FL. A Google search on November 22, 2019 for "Sprinkler-CALC Release 7.2 Win" yields many results, none pointing to this abandoned program. HOW I GOT INVOLVED: I, Thomas J Killeen, PE (MA, NH, ME) meet him as a designer trainee (No NICET, No PE yet) about a year after I was hired by my second employer in Dec 1984, so say 1986-1987 window, when we bought our first IBM clone PC-XT running at 4 MHZ with two 5.25 floppy disk drives running DOS and his program (DOS version). The PC, dot matrix printer and software cost us a mere $6,000 as we were paying Tom a hefty amount to do our fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations. Two years latter, say 1999, we upgraded to an IBM clone PC-AT at a blazing 16 MHZ with a math co-processor and two 3.5” diskette bays. Around 1990 we upgraded that PC-AT with a 100 MB HDD drive running Windows 3.1 and Sprinkler-CALC Win.. I left that now-defunct employer in 1992. I latter talked to Tom before 1997 and obtained the source code for $100. While moving two years ago (May/June 2017), I lost that source code as well as the zipped installer file. ABANDONED WHEN? Before closing up shop in 1997, Tommy Walsh gave away “Sprinkler-CALC. Release 7.2 Win” to all his fire sprinkler contractors and designers. This was the last release was post Win-3.2 for WorkGroups, possible as late as August 1995/96 with Win-95. The releases prior to 7.2 required a parallel port security key that feed the parallel port printer. The BASIC program initially ran on in DOS operating environment. The program was later upgraded to Win 3.1 with a GUI based on Borland’s C++ running over much of the original complied BASIC code on a runtime environment in Win3.1 on the underlying DOS kernel. TODAY: Some new printers may complain about printing the output file as the program attempts direct calls to the printer. As far as I am aware, Tom quite willfully abandoned his software in 1997. It requires at least Windows 3.1. It runs in Win-95, Win-98, Win-XP, Win-ME and Win-Vista. You must create a desktop shortcut to the exe file. You may run the program as a non-administrative user. JUST WISH: By win7, Win8, or Win10 you had to create a desktop shortcut to the exe file and run as administrator as it still had many direct DOS calls to the primary OS kernel, something not allowed since Win7. It may no longer work in Win10 due to security enhancements and sand boxing of apps ( varies by build number). Unzip the file to directory, and run setup.exe. MAC & LINUX: It will run in a VMWare, Oracle Virtual-Box or Parallels program running a Win95 iso thru at least Win-Vista iso. A valid MS Win key(s) are required to load virtual OS. Unzip the file to directory, and run setup.exe. LINUX & WINE: Although “7.2” will install in WINE / PLAY-ON-LINUX, or CodeWeavers Crossover (a WINE derivative) on a Linux system, it will NOT complete any Calculations due to the direct calls to the kernel. Unzip the file to directory, and run setup.exe. UPLOADED BY XX/XX/XXXX as XXX.zp, XXXMB. No warranty no guarantee. Upload AS-IS. Believed to be virus and malware free. FINALLY ---- ENJOY!!!