Software made by Jamie O'Connell

Windows 3.x / Multimedia


FMSynth (FM Midi Synth) 2.14

This freeware is a rare jewel, cause this driver allows to do FM with a MIDI sequencer without the need of tracker, or rather to make MIDI with sounds of .IBK bank files..., and the true hardware is not required ..., we just need Dosbox and a real install on disk image of the DOS and win3.1... From readme : "The FM MIDI Synth driver is a replacement driver for sound cards that implement FM synthesis. It features an extensive MIDI implementation as well as support for loadable instrument banks and a Control Panel applet for run-time configuration of driver parameters. It is designed to work with as many different sound cards from various manufacturers as possible." (Copyright (c) 1993-1995 by Jamie O'Connell)