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Fauve Matisse 1.2.5

Fauve Matisse v1.2.5 for Windows - Fauve Software January 15, 1994 Price: $149.00 Serials: Fauve Matisse v1.2x for Windows : 1733762 Fauve matisse v1.24 for Windows : 1733920 Fauve matisse v1.25 for Windows : 1733999 Fauve Matisse v1.27 for Windows : 1733767 or s/n: 1733920 System requirements: DOS 3.1 or higher, Windows 3.1 and higher. 386 or higher (coprocessor recommended), 4Mb RAM 4Mb hard disk space NOTE: The minimum serious system is a 486DX with 16Mb RAM. Fauve Software was founded in 1992 by brothers Fred and Richard Krueger. It developed Matisse, a natural medium paint program, and XRes, a high-end image- manipulation program that was the basis for Macromedia Fireworks. It was acquired by Macromedia in 1995. "Fauve Matisse was an extremely slick and powerful natural media paint and image manipulation program. It sold for a fraction of the price of the market leader Fractal Design Painter, and had a number of more powerful features like floating layers in its early versions. Matisse (and Fauve Software) died when the two brothers who owned it bet the farm on a high-end image-manipulation program called X-res - and lost. Ironically, X-res (and Matisse)was acquired by Macromedia.,While X-res continued to be published by Macromedia, Matisse was allowed to slip into a quiet grave." (NOTE: And Macromedia was in turn bought out by Adobe). Prior to Adobe Photoshop 3.0, this paint program was the only software that supported multiple free-floating layers of images. - AppleSeed 2017 -