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Windows 3.x / Multimedia


Mesoamerica: The Land Where The Stones Speak

"Mesoamerica: The Land Where The Stones Speak" is an educational museum program produced by the National Council for Culture And Arts of Mexico, now known today as the Secretariat of Culture. It contains photos, audio and video of Mesoamerican land mass, historical information, maps, statues, and more. It works on Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 and Windows NT. It fails to run on Windows 98 and up, however. Verbatim from the back of the CD jewel case below. System Requirements: - PC or compatible, with 486 DX4 processor or better - MS DOS Version 3.1 or earlier - Windows 95 or Windows NT - CD ROM 4x - 8 MB of RAM - SVGA monitor with 256 colors - Speaker and sound card - 5 MB on hard disk - Mouse Microsoft or compatible