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Windows 3.x / DBMS


Omnis 5 r1.01

Omnis 5 is a GUI database product for Windows 2.x. It features a GUI builder for data, forms, and reports and includes CL/1 database server connectivity. Version 5 is a follow up to the earlier Omnis Quartz product, which was for Windows 1.0x, and Omnis 3 for Macintosh. Omnis 5 was also available for the Macintosh and OS/2. Minimum Requirements: IBM AT 286 640K RAM Microsoft Windows 2 (Includes a Windows 2 runtime version) This archive contains both 3.5" 720K and 5.25" 1.2MB floppy disk images. Installation notes: -If you already have Windows 2.x, run INSTALL from the Program Disk. -Otherwise, run SETUP from the bundled Windows 2.10 runtime disk 1. -The runtime disks are not need if you already have Windows 2. -You use a 6-digit number such as "123456" for a serial. -Don't forget to load setver.exe for DOS 5 and 6.x. -This version is not compatible with Windows 3.0 protected mode.