microsoft windows 3.0 3.0

Category: OS
Year: 1990
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

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#13338windows-3.0.rar4.3 MB0x33E4CCE1

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On Monday July 13, 2015 Thomas Cain said:

I installed this on an IBM PC 5150, (yep, on an 8086 system) and it works (I also have a Plus Hardcard 40 in this PC). After the install, it says I am running Windows 3.0a
This RAR file unpacked into 3 new RAR files, there are two large folders and a smaller folder. I do not know the difference between the two larger folders, they both have the same number of files in them, but the third folder only has a few files in it. I copied the files from the smaller folder into one of the other two folders. The smaller folder’s name is the same as one of the other two folder’s and that is the one I copied the files into, however, I have no idea if it matters since there are no instructions with this RAR File.
I have a MicroSolutions BackPack Model 164550 CD Drive​t/backpack_cdrom/backpack_cdro​m.htm . I copied all the files to a CD Disk and was able to install it to my IBM PC from CD with no problems.
I hope this helps anyone who is trying to install this on an 8088 based PC.

On Wednesday April 16, 2014 blixel said:

Small update. The other Windows 3.00a that is a good copy says it is #6726. The URL says 5993 in the search bar. If you go to google and search for "vetusware #6726", it will take you straight to it.

On Wednesday April 16, 2014 blixel said:

The rar extracts all the files into one directory rather than providing you disk images. That might be ok if you make an ISO instead of disk images, but I also found that there are missing files. The installer says it's missing SMARTDRV.SYS, RAMDRIVE.SYS, EMM386.SYS, and 3270.TXT. Depending on how you install, you may find you're missing more files than that.
This isn't a "fake" so much as it's just broken and the version is slightly incorrect. Once installed, Windows reports that it is version 3.00a, not 3.0.
After messing with this broken and mislabeled version for a few minutes, I found a working 3.00a. It's ID# 5993

On Sunday January 19, 2014 Giobbi said:

Full setup