hiew 6.65

Category: System
Year: 2002
Description:Basically HIEW (Hacker`s view) is a hex viewer for those who need change some bytes in the code (usually 7xh to 0EBh). Also includes tools for: detailed dump of OMF/COFF object files and libraries, detailed dump of NE/LE/LX/PE/ELF executables, splitting and joining dual executables. Hiew is able to view unlimited length files in text/hex modes and in Pentium Pro disassembler mode.
Manufacturer: Eugene Suslikov
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#8650hiew.zip697.8 KB0xF99E0B17

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On Sunday February 5, 2017 dosprog said:

It's demo version with working HEWDEMO.EXE (DOS)
and locked other 16/32-bit utilites (*.$$$).
Require files *.CAH for unlocking its are missing in this archive.
This archive can be used only for downgrade historical purposes, not for real wrking.

On Tuesday May 29, 2012 lololrofllol123@googlemail.com said:

is fucking DemoVerrrsion