ca-dbfast 2.x eng version 2.0D-2

Category: DBMS
Year: 1993
Description:This is copy installed...sugar
Manufacturer: CA
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#16390dBFast_20D2.ZIP2.8 MB0x831353CA

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On Tuesday December 22, 2015 sugar said:

CA-dBFast is a dBase-compatible application development system from Computer Associates. It provides over 200 language extensions to dBase allowing dBase or xBase programs to be converted to Windows applications.
CA-dBFast is no longer supported by the original provider, and that was the main reason of the community to maintain alive this product around the world.
On CA-dBFast Users Website, users can find the right place to get updates, "add-ons" scripts; and libraries to enhance your develops.