askSam for Windows 1.0

Category: DBMS
Year: 1995
Description:askSam for Windows v1.0 Copyright 1985-1993, Seaside Software Inc. askSam Systems P.O. Box 1428 Perry, FL 32347 Source: PC Plus SuperCD Issue 104 - June 1995 - This is a full installer edition. - The installer preregisters it with the information shown below: User Name=PC Plus Reader User Company=SuperDisk/SuperCD User Serial Number=100-70403-90696 - PC Plus SuperCD came with subscriber editions of PC Plus Magazine - UK. You can edit askSam.ini in the \Windows directory with Notepad and change the User name/User Company to whatever suits you. Installed program files will show a date/time stamp of 06/01/1995 12:00 AM AskSam "Looks like a word processor, acts like a database." NOTE3: Grafix directory contains snapshot of the June 1995 jewel case and screenshot of askSam v1.0 running on a Windows XP SP3 machine. AppleSeed '96
Manufacturer: Seaside Software
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#13702askSam for Windows v1.0.zip1014 KB0xF067D7EF

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On Saturday April 26, 2014 wizman said:

Just a quick note: askSam v1.0 was released in 1993. However, when it was re-released on the PC Plus SuperCD, all files were dated to 1995. OF course, by then there was a newer version of askSam being sold.
AppleSeed '96