Young Math 2.2

Category: Games
Year: 1990
Description:This game was originally developed in 1985 by Elmer Larsen and published by Stone & Associates. The version here is 2.2 and it is dated 1990 (though I'm not sure what they added to the game, nor where I can find a copy of the original 1.0). Also for some reason the copyright goes to Nighthawk Computing, though I don't know why (unless Stone & Associates later became Nighthawk Computing, or else Elmer Larsen ended up starting his own software company). Well this game is simply an old DOS edutainment math game for very young kids (like 5 to 7 age range I'm guessing).
Manufacturer: Stone & Associates
Localization: EN

Files to download

#11843young-math.zip270.7 KB0xACBBCA41

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On Wednesday March 30, 2016 Nate Marciano said:

I have a diskette entitled Young Math by Stone and Associates copyright by Nighthawk Computing 1986. My daughter used it then on our 286 computer. Wonderful program to teach math.