Wyse MS-DOS 3.3

Category: OS
Year: 1988
Description:Wyse Enhanced MS-DOS 3.3 5.25" diskette image. This OEM versiĆ³n of DOS supports partitions >32MB using logical sectoring (no FAT16B support) and will work just fine on any compatible. It does not use a special partiton id (unlike NEC MS-DOS 3.3) so Concurrent/Multiuser DOS and DR DOS can read the data without problems but you must be careful with stock PC/MS-DOS versions as those can corrupt the data on disk. It's "Enhanced" since there are several utilities not included in standard PC/MS-DOS (online help, defragmenter, limulator, cache, ...)
Manufacturer: Wyse/Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17612Wyse Enhanced MS-DOS 3.3 System Diskette 1.img.zip422.4 KB0x3F4A6C9C

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