WordPerfect 4.2 for DEC Rainbow

Category: Office
Year: 1987
Description:WordPerfect 4.2 for DEC Rainbow. Important: This version is ONLY for DEC Rainbow computers. This software will not run on an IBM PC, clone, or emulator. The DEC Rainbow is a non-IBM PC hardware compatible combination Z80/8088 based computer. It uses an unusual single-sided 80-track 96tpi (400k) floppy disk format. Due to the odd format, the IMG files will not open in WinImage. To write to a real disk, use a double (low) density floppy disk in a 1.2mb drive and ensure double-stepping is disabled.
Manufacturer: WordPerfect Corporation
Localization: EN

Files to download

#21537WordPerfect 4.2 for DEC Rainbow (1987) (5.25-SSDD).7z40.4 MB0x989B9212
#21539WordPerfect 4.2 for DEC Rainbow Manuals (Nov 1986).7z83.9 MB0x69861A90

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