WordPerfect 3.0 for DOS 3.0

Category: Office
Year: 1983
Description:From WPDOS - A Chronology of Versions: Note: When running WPDOS 3.0 for the first time, enter "wp/s" (no space; not "wp /s") for a setup menu. Inside the program, Alt-+ or Alt-= brings up the Exit menu, Alt-1 (not Alt-F1) is the Cancel key, and Shift-F3 provides help for the next key you press, but does not provide a keyboard map.
Manufacturer: WordPerfect Corporation
Localization: EN

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On Wednesday December 18, 2013 JustZisGuy said:

WordPerfect 3.0 commands
Alt 1 = Cancel
Alt 2 = Subscript
Alt 3 = System and Printer Commands
Alt 4 = Print Modes
Alt 5 = Mode (or Block Append)
Alt 6 = Define Macro
Alt 7 = Retrieve Document
Alt 8 = Save Document
Alt 9 = Move
Alt 0 = Block On/Off
Alt + = Exit
Alt F1 = Extended Features (case conversion; switch documents; prepare/protect Documents)
Alt F2 = Search/Replace
Alt F9 = Required Space
Alt F10 = Footnote
Ctrl F2 = Search
Ctrl F9 = Conditional End of Page
Ctrl F10 = Advance Text Up or Down
Shift F1 = Rewrite Screen
Shift F2 = Reveal Codes
Shift F3 = Help
Shift F4 = Left/Right Indent
Shift F5 = Overstrike
Shift F6 = Set Format (tabs, extended tabs, margins, spacing, hotzone)
Shift F7 = Set Page Format (page numbering, center page, page length, top margins, headers/footers)
Shift F8 = Set (alignment character, center, margin release, repetition counter n, widows/orphans, hyphenation)
Shift F9 = Execute Merge
Shift F10 = Merge Commands