Word Pro 96 (floppy install) W70.642.0

Category: Office
Year: 1995
Description:Lotus Word Pro 96 - Lotus Development Corporation August 18, 1995 Release W70.642.0 This archive is the contents of 15 - 1.44 Mb floppy disks. Install: Unpack all files to a common directory off the root of your hard drive. Word Pro was based upon Ami Pro (originally published by Samna). Lotus acquired Samna in 1990. Word Pro 96 is the first release to no longer use the Ami Pro naming. LOTUS Word Pro 96: The Team Word Processor for Windows 3.1 The first team word processor! Lotus Notes ready!! Has document versioning, team review, team consolidate, comment notes, and highlighter. Smart word processing! has smartmasters, divider tabs, lotus info box, spell check, cycle keys and drawing, charting, and image processing. Includes Smart Assistance! Ask the Experts, smart word processing features also include smart correct, for correcting common typing mistakes on the fly, and format check, which automatically cleans up formatting mistakes such as extra spaces and more. Standard features include thesaurus, grammar check, find and replace, go to, scripts and macros, columns, frames, tables, drawing tools, equation editing, footnote, endnote, comment note, bookmarks, outlining, merge, sort, and more. - AppleSeed 2017 -
Manufacturer: Lotus Development Corporation
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#18241Lotus_Word_Pro_96_floppy_install.zip20.7 MB0xB055957D

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