Wolfenstein 3D [2001 CD-ROM]

Category: Games
Year: 2001
Description:WINDOWS 95/98/ME/XP. SHA1 Checksum: 5a7b5f404168e9115048f333658f363acbbca456
Manufacturer: id Software
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#9019Wolfenstein3D.iso7.6 MB0x432ED036

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On Thursday April 4, 2024 Joe Lyman said:

Works great! Appears to be a Windows ISO, but don't let that fool you. Browse through the directories until you see the files you need. VERIFIED AND WORKING with the Wolf3D on 8088 project: https://github.com/jhhoward/Wo​lfensteinCGA?tab=readme-ov-fil​e

On Friday July 5, 2013  said:

Specifically, it is Wolf 3D for DOS revision 1.4

On Friday July 5, 2013  said:

This archive contains the registered Wolf 3D for DOS plus CD extras.

On Monday September 27, 2010 SantaClaus7854_2 said:

Awesome game! Downloading Now