WineMine for Windows 1.x/2.x 1.00

Category: Games
Year: 2013
Description:- Classic MineSweeper ported to Windows 1! - Runs on a PC/XT/AT! - No App Store needed! - In difference to Windows 8 and even Windows 1, it runs in a window! The included WINEMINE.EXE is a port of the Wine/ReactOS MineSweeper application to the Microsoft Windows Graphical Environment version 1.0x. It also runs under Windows 2 as well as Windows 3 in compatibility mode. Ported by Nathan Lineback, the best computer programmer/general purpose computer guy in the entire world!
Manufacturer: Nathan C Lineback
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#22388win1winemine.zip45.9 KB0xC5E9F634

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On Tuesday March 9, 2021 640k said:

For more Windows 1 stuff see:​1x2x.html
And, ha, it does not require a cell phone either!:​me-covid-test.html