Windows for Workgroups 3.11

Category: OS
Year: 1993
Description:A CD image of WFW3.11, compiled from 8 disks version of WFW3.11. Requires DOS.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#8893winfw311.part01.rar1.4 MB0xD679B5A6
#8894winfw311.part02.rar1.4 MB0xBEF02A6E
#8895winfw311.part03.rar1.4 MB0xE018945C
#8896winfw311.part04.rar1.4 MB0x28B79D30
#8897winfw311.part05.rar1.4 MB0xC8D65E6E
#8898winfw311.part06.rar1.4 MB0xD35D7D6A
#8899winfw311.part07.rar1.4 MB0x4E01ABF8
#8900winfw311.part08.rar1 MB0x2BE520B3

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On Monday August 2, 2021 wizman said:

The RAR files unpack fine, and the ISO loads and works. Icludes the TCP/IP stack and AMD PCnet network driver in separate directory.
100% good.

On Friday August 21, 2015 karns said:

Disk images are corrupted. First image is ok.

On Monday May 11, 2015 n8fear said:

Perfect !! A Glance in the Past .