Windows 3.1 (for DOSBox) 3.1

Category: OS
Year: 1992
Description:This is a preinstalled, ready to boot image of Windows 3.1 for DOSBox. To mount it, in DOSBox, type mount c: (directory you unzipped the zip folder) and press ENTER/RETURN. DOSBox doesn't recognise the windows directory, so type "c:\windows\win" without the quotation marks. C:\Win DOES NOT WORK! Oh, and by the way, if it ever asks for the setup disks, browse to c:\win3set and that directory has all the setup files (no need to change disks). Enjoy!
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#11392Win3 for DOSBox.zip11.3 MB0x44CE93F6

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On Friday June 2, 2017 om honking said:

great thanks

On Tuesday May 16, 2017 ASDFGHJKL said:

Srry, i also dont know how to configure it.
Good luck!

On Monday May 15, 2017 ASDFGHJKL said:

molokaicreeper: I can Awnswer that.
In DosBOX, it emulates a different soundblaster BUT you can get a soundblaster 16 driver and hopefully, it will work.
Credit: Fembot
Soundblaster 16:​‚Äč9/

On Monday May 15, 2017 ASDFGHJKL said:


On Tuesday January 27, 2015 Eamon said:

It runs great! This is so cool, really brings me back to the old days. I tried to play an old game, but it says it requires 256-color graphics, which this apparently doesn't have. are there any graphics drivers available for download?

On Wednesday November 26, 2014 Paul de Bruin said:

The Soundblaster driver isn't any more at the Dropbox adress you gave us, Fembot. Where can I find it now?

On Sunday July 7, 2013  said:

Great! I've been looking for good old Windows. I remember using it in college!

On Wednesday March 6, 2013  said:

Runs great!!!! Setup was easy. Running Wolf3d and quake without a hitch!

On Saturday March 2, 2013  said:

I am trying to install win 3.1 on Dosbox but when I was in the processing the setup but then I read something that says "Setup is unable to copy the file C:\windows\control.hlp. This file already exists in the destination directory and is marked as read-only. You must remove the read-only attributes from all the files in your Windows directory in order to successfully complete Windows setup." But when I check for the control.hlp file, it's already unattributed. So I had to remove it, but then the setup asks to remove attributes of cpwin386.cp, so I got rid of that, and then it asks for setup.exe (which is very important!) HELP ME! I wanna get it installed! Would somebody please help me?! D:

On Tuesday February 26, 2013 Fembot said:

Soundblaster 16:​9/
DOSBox emulates a Soundblaster 16,
and there is the driver.
Install it.

On Tuesday January 29, 2013  said:

You shouldtype a way to get a sound driver for it to work on dosbox. Thx 4 the setup files in a folder. :P

On Thursday November 29, 2012 molokaicreeper said:

Please I need help! I am running Sim City Classic for Windows (version 1.1) and I can not hear proper sounds. Just silly beeping. The readme that came with the game says I am supposed to be hearing "great quality music" from "a soundcard"... question is, how to configure Win 3.1 to use a soundcard? Thanks!