Windows 3.0

Category: OS
Year: 1990
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#11630Disk1.zip543.5 KB0x8B900BE0
#11631Disk2.zip632.6 KB0x7A3825DC
#11632Disk3.zip679.1 KB0x8BB7AF15
#11633Disk4.zip659.9 KB0xD85B5D45
#11634Disk5.zip648.7 KB0x5DAB4CC3
#11635Disk6.zip669.7 KB0xD0A48298
#11636Disk7.zip672.6 KB0x9CAD8FD9

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On Wednesday April 16, 2014 blixel said:

Once again, this is Windows 3.00a, not Windows 3.0. If you're trying to round out your collection and are looking for specific versions, it can be rather annoying to download so many mislabeled files.