Winboard v4.9.1 + Houdini 4 Pro 4.9.1

Category: Games
Year: 2016
Description:This is Winboard v4.9.1 + Houdini 4 Pro which the full package won't be released. Using Polyglot with 25 selected engines and additional board textures. Anyone who loved Chess must download this one! This should works fine on Windows 9x and above. Just extract the 7z file then run the Winboard491_Setup.exe file. (Note: Installer made to run on WinXP and above, you should extract it manually to use on Win9x).
Manufacturer: XBoard
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#22624Winboard491_Setup.7z9.8 MB0x65AD7DE1

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