WinNT 3.1 Japanese (chk) 3.1

Category: OS
Year: 1993
Description:This is a re-upload that uses 7-zip instead of ARJ used by original uploader. According to uploader's description, the files are from "\i386" of Windows NT 3.1 Setup CD-ROM (Japan) in April, 1994 Microsoft Developement Network CD 4. To install, one must prepare a clean FAT16 partition, copy all i386 files to a dir like C:\ntsetup, boot with DOS boot disk, run C:\ntsetup\winnt.exe. Eventually it will ask for a blank floppy disk, where boot disk will be created, and you will need to reboot with that boot disk to continue Setup. Since this is a pre-release (not final retail) build, it is very picky on hardware that runs it. So far I only succeeded running it with 86Box (Award 486 BIOS).
Manufacturer: Microsoft Windows
Localization: JA
OS: Windows NT/2000

Files to download

#20447i386.7z35 MB0xDF3FDF96

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