Win311DO5Box with Apps and Games 0.74-3

Category: OS
Year: 2021
Description:This is a compilation of Windows 3.11 for Workgroups with DOS apps and games inside, dedicated to anyone who still loved the old applications and need a nostalgia with them. This should works fine on Win XP x86/x64 and above. Just extract the 7z file then run the Win311DO5Box_Setup.exe file.
Manufacturer: Compilation
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#22584Win311DO5Box_Setup.7z93.8 MB0x898F27A9

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On Wednesday September 22, 2021 Herman Semm said:

Simon Ferre, the 5 just to indicates that the DOSBox is based on MS-DOS 5, so if you wish to add any DOS apps or games you must find such compatible with MS-DOS 5, and I guaranteed of no viruses. That's immorral if anybody do bad things here at VETUSWARE.

On Tuesday September 21, 2021 Simon Ferre said:

I've not downloaded this nor will I. Nobody in their right mind would use a 5 in place of a S (at the end of DOS) so I suspect foul play. Anyone tested this for viruses/spyware?

On Wednesday September 15, 2021 Moejj said:

THIS IS AWESOME!! LOVE IT!! Brings back memories from the early 90s!!!

On Monday August 2, 2021 wizman said:

Thanks. Ran installer on a low-end AMD Ryzen 2200 laptop running Win10 x64. No issues !