Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect 2003

Category: System
Year: 2002
Description:This is the Visual Studio portion of the Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect 2003 set.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#19958Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Prerequisites.z00100 MB0x40C8C997
#19959Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Prerequisites.z0145.8 MB0x2E74296C
#19960VS7.1sp1-KB918007-X86.z00100 MB0xFF3629E3
#19961VS7.1sp1-KB918007-X86.z0154.6 MB0xDBE2DDC4
#19954VSENARD1.z00100 MB0xD471702
#19955VSENARD1.z01100 MB0xE60F4AE1
#19956VSENARD1.z0214.2 MB0xBECCA31B
#19957VSENARD2.7z90.4 MB0xEAEA2724

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On Friday September 21, 2018 Roger Winthorpe said:

Serial Number GVBHR-PYRFF-TMMT4-B67Y6-C72R3