Visual C++ 2

Category: System
Year: 1994
Description:CD Image of Visual C++ 2.0 Microsoft's first 32-bit compiler. Includes Visual C++ 1.5 their last 16-bit compiler
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#6397msvc20.part001.rar4.8 MB0x54884A9EFake?
#6398msvc20.part002.rar4.8 MB0xE5A50B48Fake?
#6399msvc20.part003.rar4.8 MB0x6D7C6437
#6400msvc20.part004.rar4.8 MB0xF4B97864
#6401msvc20.part005.rar4.8 MB0x1427FFAD
#6402msvc20.part006.rar4.8 MB0x4FFF671B
#6403msvc20.part007.rar4.8 MB0xE2E6C21B
#6404msvc20.part008.rar4.8 MB0x3EB9BEA1
#6405msvc20.part009.rar4.8 MB0x9440FF5E
#6406msvc20.part010.rar4.8 MB0x6CCB9CD8
#6407msvc20.part011.rar4.8 MB0xE88A43C0
#6408msvc20.part012.rar4.8 MB0x825C65D
#6409msvc20.part013.rar4.8 MB0xF3B5ABE
#6410msvc20.part014.rar4.8 MB0x825A0BC8
#6411msvc20.part015.rar4.8 MB0x64EE72F9
#6412msvc20.part016.rar4.8 MB0x90D6DE33
#6413msvc20.part017.rar4.8 MB0xA2BF199
#6414msvc20.part018.rar4.8 MB0xC5800B4
#6415msvc20.part019.rar4.8 MB0xA1563A77
#6416msvc20.part020.rar4.8 MB0x927B067
#6417msvc20.part021.rar4.8 MB0x7F2C226B
#6418msvc20.part022.rar4.8 MB0x534C1BE9
#6419msvc20.part023.rar4.8 MB0x825590A8
#6420msvc20.part024.rar4.8 MB0x91AA7523
#6421msvc20.part025.rar2.9 MB0x8B59D3D0

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On Saturday August 18, 2018 Roger Winthorpe said:

Visual C++ 2.0 for the i386 includes a 32bit compiler for NT 3.5/Win32s along with the Visual C++ 1.52 16 bit compiler.
There is also a single file download of the CD image that is available here:
To make people's life easier.

On Thursday November 15, 2012 johnconnor.911 said:

can someone leave a step by step for me on how to download this program

On Tuesday July 31, 2012 foohy said:

Yeah,but 2.0 was the first ONLY 32bit. That is why this includes 1.5 for win32.

On Sunday November 6, 2011 Subhashis Pal said:

This software was what I am looking for a long time. The software is good not a fake. It contains both Visual C++ 16 bit and 32 bit development system, and most important it contains the Help i.e. MSDN. It also contains a Control Development Kit, WinCIM and Win32S. Again this software is genuine.

On Tuesday December 7, 2010 doni said:

have anybody version 1.5 ??
i need just to compile 16-bit

On Thursday April 15, 2010  said:

Strange! I have tried from different locations and different browsers, the result is the same - it allows you to download few archives (sometimes only one)and stopped after; later it works again. It's very time consuming!
I have 4-5 archives to download. Hope they will be OK.

On Wednesday April 14, 2010  said:

I was able to download only 3 files, for the rest I got error "the file cannot be prepared for download". What is the reason?

On Monday March 29, 2010 So Low said:

I downloaded both files again. Now unpacks without problems. Sorry for the false alarm.


On Monday March 29, 2010 xremus said:

Archives are OK. Thanks

On Monday December 7, 2009 abuelito said:

VC++ 2 (1994) was hardly the first 32-bit compiler from Microsoft: before it there were VC++ 1.00 for Windows NT (1993), released with NT 3.1. Which was the follower of 32-bit CL386 version 7.0 (which was the system compiler for early NT; 1992); and yet before there were 32-bit versions of the 6.0 compiler (1989), first for ScoXenix/386 and then for IBM OS/2 2.x.