VMware Workstation 4.0 4.0

Category: Utility
Year: 2004
Description:VMWare is a "virtual PC" software. It allows you to run two or more Windows, DOS, and LINUX systems simultaneously on a single machine. Compared to the "multi-boot" system, VMWare uses a completely different concept. The multi-boot system can only run one system at a time and requires a machine restart when the system is switched. VMWare is truly "simultaneous", with multiple operating systems switching between the main system platform just like standard Windows applications. And each operating system you can carry out virtual partitioning, configuration without affecting the data of the real hard disk, you can even connect several virtual machines with a network card as a local area network through the network card, which is extremely convenient.
Manufacturer: VMware Inc.
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#23419VMware Workstation 4.0.7z34.4 MB0x8B1BE86D

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