Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.5

Category: Other
Year: 1992
Description:Released after Turbo Pascal 7; they were succeeded by Borland Pascal 7, which had Windows support. The Windows compiler in Pascal 7 was titled Borland Pascal for Windows'. This featured a Windows-based IDE, as opposed to the DOS-based IDE in Turbo Pascal. The IDE and editor commands conformed to the Microsoft Windows user interface guidelines instead of the classic TP user interface. The support for Windows programs required the ObjectWindows library, similar but not identical to that for the first release of Borland C++, and radically different from the earlier DOS Turbo Vision environment. Turbo Pascal was superseded for the Windows platform by Delphi; the Delphi compiler can produce console programs in addition to GUI applications, so that the use of Turbo and Borland Pascal became unnecessary. This includes the original install diskettes in vfd (Winimage, or Virtual Diskette) format.
Manufacturer: Borland International, Inc.
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#12291TurboPascalForWindows-v1.5.7z5.8 MB0x17D8A64C

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On Thursday February 28, 2013 internetuser said:

These files are in .vfd format and I am not able to open it with FileViewPro 2013
Can somebody extract the .vfd files and make a zip of the extracted .vfd files?