The Pianist 1.0

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1994
Description:Need MIDI The Pianist is a Music Program containing a huge collection of over 200 of the world's most popular classical piano pieces, performed by world-class concert pianists! Plus... Music Trivia Game, "Guess the Song", Program Notes, Biographies, Music Dictionary (all on disk).... and much more. On-screen piano keyboard lets you see the music as it's played. Learn the music by watching the on-screen keyboard or slowing down the performance. Other functions: Stop/Pause/Rewind/Slow Motion/Tempo Changes/Transposition/Volume/Velocity. Y viva Jerry Lee Lewis, CARAJO!!!!
Manufacturer: PG MUSIC INC.
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#8535The-Pianist-1-0-Win3x.rar2.4 MB0x72201470

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On Sunday March 28, 2021 Ryo M said:

Hi Thiago. Was just curious; in what environment are you running this Windows 3.1 software? All I have now is a Windows 10 PC, and unable to run this 16-bit software....otherwise, do you have the song listing corresponding to each of the MIDI files?

On Friday January 1, 2021 thiago_costa said:

Works fine! To load the bio, dictionary and other infos, put all the files into: "C:\Pianist\" will work properly.

On Friday February 17, 2017 egythom said:

Thank's God Bless

On Friday August 5, 2016 fergar said:

First: congratulations VETUSWARE.COM. there are magical softwares that are abandoned... but here they are
Second: The very best classcial music software - The Pianist