The Animation Studio

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1991
Description:label the disks: 1:STUDIO 2:MORGUE 3:EXTRAS 4:DEMO-REEL or use pkunzip with option -$ ////The Animation Studio is the only full-featured animation and paint program to utilize state of the art cel animation techniques that are characteristic of Disney Style animation. Powerful enough for the professional yet simple enough for the novice, The Animation Studio gives the ability to create or enhance full-length animated sequences. You'll have total control of classic animation features such as: Onion Skin Technology, Exposure Sheet, Sound Effects, Ink And Paint, Basic and Advanced Techniques!
Manufacturer: Disney software
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#15855DASDISK1.ZIP363 KB0xD8D491E
#15856DASDISK2.ZIP399.9 KB0xDEE88E49
#15857DASDISK3.ZIP323.4 KB0x61DD2246
#15858DASDISK4.ZIP356.8 KB0x2052878A
#15859docs.rar66.2 KB0xCCA82DF5

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On Tuesday December 1, 2015 sattat said:

sorry, dont have the manual :(

On Saturday August 22, 2015 Milioner190 said:

There are no illustrations in docs. Maybe will you scan these for us?