TSR Utilities 2.9

Category: Utility
Year: 1989
Description:TSR Utilities Version 2.9 by Kim Kokkonen of TurboPower Software, release date 5/4/89. The TSR Utilities are a collection of programs useful for managing DOS memory, particularly for managing memory-resident programs, also known as TSR's. Includes 11 programs: MARK - marks a position in memory above which TSR's can be released. RELEASE - removes TSR's from memory. FMARK - performs the same function as MARK but uses less memory. MARKNET - like MARK, but saves a more complete picture of system status. RELNET - removes TSR's marked with MARKNET. WATCH - a TSR itself, it keeps records of other TSR's. DISABLE - disables or reactivates TSR's, leaving them in memory. RAMFREE - shows how much RAM memory is available. MAPMEM - shows what memory resident programs are loaded. DEVICE - shows what device drivers are loaded. EATMEM - uses up memory for controlled program testing.
Manufacturer: TurboPower Software
Localization: EN

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