Stacker for DOS and Windows 4.0

Category: System
Year: 1994
Description:Stacker 4.0 from IBM PC-DOS 7.0 Complete, unrestricted, no serial or registration input required. Full-featured in every respect to the retail Stacker 4.0 product. It may have shipped with PC-DOS, but is quite happy to run on whatever flavor DOS you are using. Source: Extracted from IBM-PC-DOS 7.0 6-disk package. File dates are April 30, 1998, original as stored in the PC-DOS compressed archives (STAC1, STAC2, STAC3).
Manufacturer: Stac Electronics
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#13524IBM Stacker v4.0.zip1.8 MB0x91527720

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On Thursday March 20, 2014 wizman said:

The rest of the notes:
At Command Prompt, STACKER.COM will display:
"Stacker 4.0 for Windows & DOS (c) 1990-94 Stac Electronics, Carlsbad, CA"
"One or more U.S. patents: 4701745, 5016009, 5126739, and 5146221 and "
"other patents pending. "
File versions show as:
Install notes:
- Unpack so that DISK1 is off the root of your hard drive and run Setup.exe.
- Setup.exe will briefly display the PC-DOS 7 logo, then move on to the
normal Stacker installation screen.
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