Special Toy Program Collection

Category: Other
Year: 1992
Description:"Chock full of goofy gags guaranteed to amuse and irritate even the most hip Windows user, this book-and-disk package transforms the average computer screen into an aquarium, a roach-infested machine, the target of a machine gun attack, and more." Includes: Eyecon, Eyes, Neko, Fish!, Magic, Fireworks, ANNOY, ICOFRITE, Gatling, Pundit, LIFE, SMF Poker, Tricho 3, WALLRAND, WinRoach, Sounder. Files taken from an install of the Japanese floppy which came with the book "Windows 特選トイプログラム集" (Windows Special Toy Program Collection), but the programs and readme files are in English.
Manufacturer: Addison-Wesley (Publisher)
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

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