Sidekick 99 6.01

Category: Office
Year: 1999
Description:Personal information manager. Comes with a "world clock" showing night and day in real time. Calendar, contacts, memos.
Manufacturer: Starfish
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#6318SK99.zip6.7 MB0xE626F845

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On Monday November 8, 2021 badboyiam said:

I used sidekick at mid of 1990s, a cute PIM app. At that time, this sw help me in managing daily things.
Great !!

On Sunday October 25, 2020 ken said:

Does anyone know how to install this on Wondows10/64 bit? I played with all the compatibility settings to no avail. Thank you!!

On Sunday October 25, 2020 ken said:

Does anyone know how to install this on Windows 10 64 bit? Please Help! Thank you!

On Monday May 7, 2018 Nancy said:

Looks like the setup program cannot be run on Windows 10.
Strange, as Sidekick 95 and 98 install and works fine.

On Tuesday October 10, 2017 Frank Hogg said:

Used this and loved it way back before I retired but can't get it to run on Windows 10.

On Tuesday November 3, 2015 Tony Curtis said:

I have used this program for a number of years and currently have it installed on my HP ProBook 6460b running Windows 7 Professional.

On Monday October 6, 2014 Alex McFlane said:

This download into Windows 8.1 (Asus Transformer)ran smoothly until it began to install. My notebook crashed. I tried Sidekick 98 from the Tek-Tips Starfish Sidekick forum and this worked.

On Sunday August 17, 2014 Barry S. said:

Re Gilson Vidals installl of SK 99 on Win 8.1...I tried it and get error message saying will not run on 64 bit Win 8.1. Maybe he can explain how he installed it as it's a zip file?

On Monday April 21, 2014 Gilson Vidal said:

Worked Wonderfully in WIndows 8.1
Downloaded the file unzipped and installed. I had SK97 Calendar data saved and it imported by open calendar. It opened the calendar file and converted with no problems.

On Sunday December 30, 2012 Susan Galati said:

anyone know if the owner of this download has any workarounds for windows 8. been using this for so many years and have so much info in my contacts pages that I can replicate not do I know how to export it into an outlook type contact list. any advise?

On Wednesday October 26, 2011 Silvyan said:

100000000 Thanx!You don't know how much you have help me...