SPSS 6.1

Category: Other
Year: 1994
Description:Mathematical statistics developement package
Manufacturer: SPSS
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#4482SPSS605.part1.rar5.7 MB0xED05DC34Fake?
#4483SPSS605.part2.rar3.5 MB0x529B8135Fake?
#22090SPSS61.ZIP9.7 MB0xF8BABE94

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On Saturday September 5, 2020 FRDC said:

I just added spss61.zip which contains a far better installer version of SPSS 6.1 for windows 31. Now everything installs except Trends, Categories and LisRel for which I don't have any source diskettes.
All the rest of missing files in original install directory have been added from my diskettes. See the new zip file above.

On Wednesday August 12, 2020 Jason McCullar said:

I found a stack of diskettes in a file cabinet. They were the wifes thesis research from college.
although several of the disks were damaged, I was able to copy the database and .doc files. :)
After a little digging, I found out it was created with spss 6.1.
ENTER THIS SITE.... Awesome Awesome Awesome.
Using linux & wine, I was able to install and run the program.
Thank you. Truly cool.

On Thursday September 6, 2018 kaƂpasta said:

During installation, it is needed to disable the following components as they are not present in archive:
- Tables
- Trends
- Categories
Additionally, after setup, it prompts for Win32s disk, generally it's better to have Win32s installed anyway.

On Saturday May 29, 2010  said:

win32s is needed for intallation, and some part is missing (table?) when I tried to make a full install. Can sy upload full "old" version please? A 16bit version would be even better! :) Thx