Quick C for Windows 1.0

Category: System
Year: 1991
Description:This is QuickC for Windows 1.0 . I't is meant to run on Windows 3.0 but will run on *anything* that supports win16. It still runs on Vista (32bit version) I've enclosed raw floppy images (4 disks).
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#4596QuickC4Windows.zip4.5 MB0xE922A51F

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On Saturday June 2, 2018 booman said:

If you guys have trouble installing it, try extract every disk to folder (e.g. disk1.vfd -> \disk1\) and install from there. This allows me to do full installation fast and clean, no error. I'm installing in Windows 3.0 though.

On Monday June 24, 2013  said:

I owned version 2.0. Do you have it?

On Thursday September 13, 2012 al tracker said:

To read the *.vfd files, just replace the *.vfd extentions with *.img. The files can then be read with WinImage.

On Tuesday January 31, 2012 Geist said:

Couple years later... :)
By this (Virtual Floppy Drive 2.1.2008.206):

On Sunday March 8, 2009 Ferdi811 said:

How can I "extract" the .vfd files?

On Wednesday February 25, 2009 Hobbes said:

This is Microsoft QuickC 1.0 for Windows from 1991.

On Sunday February 15, 2009  said:

Perhaps intended for Win3.0? To run on Win 3.1, edit the setup.inf file so section reads:
[list if_help 1]
2: winhelp.exe, DEST=W, comment="Windows Help Engine", TIMESTAMP, NOREPLACE, size=250064
2: winhelp.hlp, comment="Windows Help File", TIMESTAMP, size=66860
2: qcasew.hlp, DEST=R, comment="QuickCase:W On-Line Help File", TIMESTAMP, size=65834
2: dlgedit.hlp, comment="Dialog Editor Help File", TIMESTAMP, size=113782
2: qwin.hlp, comment="QuickWin Help File", TIMESTAMP,size=24345
3: qcwin.hlp, comment="QC/Win Help File", size=449509
3: qcwin2.hlp, comment="QC/Win Help File", size=473482
3: qcwin3.hlp, comment="QC/Win Help File", size=457380
3: qcwin4.hlp, comment="QC/Win Help File", size=452013
4: qcwin5.hlp, comment="QC/Win Help File", size=474992
Then run setup. rename qcwin.hlp to qcwin1.hlp and run following from a DOS window (NOT DOSBOX).
copy/b qcwin1.hlp+qcwin2.hlp+qcwin3.h​lp+qcwin4.hlp+qcwin5.hlp
which will produce the proper help file qcwin.hlp

On Monday November 10, 2008  said:

Hi! I would use this genuine C-tool, unfortunately I can't find the genuine diskettes. Here is the download of 4 floppies. The installation works OK until you do not check the ONLINE HELP. QC/Help can't be found. In fact, the DISK3 containes 4 files *.HL$ but the respective installation macro fails to expand&join the parts of help file. I tried to join it by COPY command (/C or /B) with no functioning result. Would you please send me by e-mail either the final file QCWIN.HLP or the advise how to join the 5 installation files? Thank you very much. With regards JK.