Quatro Pro v6 Installed and Diskketes Installation (included the 6.0

Category: Office
Year: 1994
Description:Quattro Pro Installed included and also Diskketes Installation fixed for Windows 9x and newer (except for Windows 10 and 64 bits Windows XP(SP1 or SP2)/7/8.x/10 ). For the Diskette Installation: Fixed the installer files for newer versions of windows such as Windows 9X/2000/XP/7/8.x Included the files: 1.- BWCCLIB.LIB 2.- INSTRUN.EXE and must be copied by folders such as "diskX" folders where X is the disk numbers 1 to 8, for easy installs without errors of installer and without restarts (reboots) of Windows 9x and Newers (included as Windows 7 or XP). Included the library called BWCCLIB.LIB into by the file called BWCCLIB.RAR. NOTE: Don't execute in 64 bits versions of Windows.
Manufacturer: Novell Inc.
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#16287Borland Quattro Pro 6.0 (3.5) Diskketes FIXED.rar13.1 MB0xDFBC5940
#16288BWCCLIB.rar1.7 KB0xD29EEE1C
#16286QuattroPro6 Installed.rar11.1 MB0xBF61993

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