Quantum Gate 1.2

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1995
Description:(From the cover)- "You are the movie!(TM). The first full-length interactive movie experience in Virtual Cinema(TM). A Virtual Cinema(TM) movie by Greg Roach." As a state-of-the-art multimedia title, this program will make heavy demands on your computer. Quantum Gate uses Apple(TM) QuickTime for Windows(R) technology and Microsoft(TM) Video for Windows(R) technology. Quantum Gate works best on MPC-2 systems. This means you should have the following as a minimum system configuration: 486/SX/25 MHz, 8 MB RAM, 640x480x256 display, 16-bit sound card, and a double-speed (300Kb/sec) CD-ROM drive. THIS ARCHIVE CONTAINS THE ISO OF THE ORIGINAL CD-ROM. PLEASE NOTE: You must remove the ".7z" from the very end of each file name. Rename the files to QGATE.7z.001, QGATE.7z.002, QGATE.7z.003, QGATE.7z.004, and QGATE.7z.005 or un-archiving with 7z will not work! Once you have renamed the files, open the first one in 7z and it should automatically link the files and un-archive them simultaneously.
Manufacturer: Hyperbole Studios
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#11723QGATE.7z.001.7z100 MB0x7425BB07Fake?
#11724QGATE.7z.002.7z100 MB0x62E0E968Fake?
#11725QGATE.7z.003.7z100 MB0xE3DDB90
#11726QGATE.7z.004.7z100 MB0x1D2FECD9
#11727QGATE.7z.005.7z30.4 MB0xB556EFD7

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