QRam 202 2.02

Category: Utility
Year: 1989
Description:You can use this pre QEMM utility to manage expanded memory in older 8088 and 286 PCs. You need an expanded memory card, memory, and a driver made by the manufacturer for the card before you can get this to work.
Manufacturer: Quarterdeck
Localization: EN

Files to download

#6625qram2.zip186.8 KB0x90203CD1

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On Friday June 7, 2019 Outi said:

working serial: 290-T2-3870-290766

On Tuesday August 1, 2017 Erik Elsom said:

Even more stupid is people who spout useless info. The serial doesn't work...

On Sunday April 27, 2014 wizman said:

WARNING: Includes serial - without a brain, people say stupid things.
pffft, AppleSeed '96

On Thursday July 8, 2010  said:

installation requires a SERIAL,
without key, the Software is useless