QEMM 97 9.0

Category: System
Year: 1997
Manufacturer: Quarterdeck
Localization: EN

Files to download

#4838qemm97.zip4.8 MB0x9FE61BD9

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On Monday January 12, 2015 Highwinder said:

QEMM was a fantastic memory manager, it could get you all 640k pretty much no matter what you were trying to load. But for all QEMM's power and features, it was astonishingly crash-prone. Every single computer I ever ran it on had problems until I disabled it and went back to using MS-DOS's built-in MEMMAKER. When that wasn't enough, I always ended up using 386MAX instead of QEMM because it was stable.

On Friday April 26, 2013  said:

User Serial # QEDU9000108543

On Sunday September 23, 2012 nonhocapito said:

Seems to be great, but it misses the serial

On Monday October 24, 2011 maraakate said:

Works great for getting the memory just right on older DOS games. BUT, if you have more than 256MB RAM QEMM97 will never see it. It has a 256MB window.
It's probably best to make a boot-disk or a dual boot so you can keep both.

On Monday October 12, 2009 themaritimegirl said:

Works perfect! Thanks!

On Friday March 13, 2009  said:

One of the best Dos Memory Manager and Optimizer, he can free up more memory than any others