QEMM 8.0

Category: Utility
Year: 1996
Description:Memory Manager
Manufacturer: Quarterdeck
Localization: EN

Files to download

#13663QEMM 8.0.zip3.2 MB0xEADA1098Fake?

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On Friday January 4, 2019 AnnoyedOne said:

This archive contains archives of the 3 install disks for QEMM 8.01 (Feb 14th 1996). A serial number is included. Also included is the 8.03 patch file.
The files appear genuine but I never tried to install it (already have floppy images of 8.01).

On Monday January 12, 2015 Highwinder said:

QEMM was a fantastic memory manager, it could get you all 640k pretty much no matter what you were trying to load. But for all QEMM's power and features, it was astonishingly crash-prone. Every single computer I ever ran it on had problems until I disabled it and went back to using MS-DOS's built-in MEMMAKER. When that wasn't enough, I always ended up using 386MAX instead of QEMM because it was stable.

On Wednesday September 30, 2009 Ken Killian said:

The best DOS/Windows Memory Manager