Photoshop 3.4

Category: Other
Year: 2017
Description:Adobe Photoshop For Windows 3.x, 95, NT
Manufacturer: Adobe
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#3816Adobe Photoshop Win 3.exe6.4 MB0x3B6E3854

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On Monday June 25, 2018 Claudio Elgueta said:

where can I find a good photo editing for windows 10?

On Friday May 27, 2016 sha94 said:

actually, what the serial number because i can't find the folder serial number. please help me bacause i want to using now


On Wednesday December 9, 2015 R.URBAN said:

Sorry, Thanks to videogamer555 forthe serial number !


On Wednesday December 9, 2015 R.URBAN said:

certainly good, but Idon't find serial number in folder DISK1 as explained.


On Friday October 9, 2015 pakovich said:

genial, funciona en mi windows 7


On Monday February 9, 2015 optic said:

Thank you very much.

On Thursday May 8, 2014 phyza said:

great stuff

On Friday January 17, 2014 vetusware2011 said:

You can bypass the self extractor by opening the .exe directly in winzip


On Thursday August 1, 2013  said:

works great

On Tuesday January 29, 2013  said:

The actual version number is Photoshop 3.0.4. This is a 32-bit application that can run natively under 95/NT and later, and also runs under Windows 3.1 using Win32s.
Verified the files inside this archive are the real deal, but not sure about the self extractor that the person that uploaded it put on it. (The self extractor needs 95/NT)
Also, see the file in the disk 1 folder for a serial number.


On Sunday September 16, 2012 Baster Best said:

work on my Windows XP.

On Sunday July 8, 2012 bradfuller99 said:

When you come to the end, it asks you to register. Press Manual. It will say "Register Complete" or something.

On Monday September 6, 2010 anamariatorres said:

Work smooth on Windows xp SP3, 512 MB RAM

On Monday March 1, 2010  said:

thank you very much. works fine on windows xp


On Tuesday February 23, 2010 gateway2000 said:

This works great on my Gateway2000 FamilyPC with Windows 95.

On Friday February 5, 2010 Videogamer555 said:

By the way, here is a working serial number.