Patton Versus Rommel

Category: Games
Year: 1986
Description:Patton vs. Rommel is a computer war game designed and programmed by Chris Crawford, and published by Electronic Arts in 1987 for the Macintosh and DOS. The DOS version was adapted by Sculptured Software, and a Commodore 64 version was also created. After the success of Crawford's game Balance of Power EA wanted to work with him, but could not acquire the rights to sequel the game. Instead, they suggested he build on the tradition of his seminal Atari title Eastern Front. Rather than create a derivative game on the Western Front, Crawford elected to focus the game's design on fog of war and the personalities of American general George Patton and the German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.+++NEEDS DOSBOX TO RUN ON MODERN COMPUTERS+++
Manufacturer: Chris Crawford
Localization: EN

Files to download

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