POSitive for Windows Point of Sale 4.4 4.4

Category: Office
Year: 2004
Description:POSitive for Windows (PFW) was a point-of-sale (POS) software manufactured and sold by POSitive Software Company (PSC). PSC released an additional POS product called AveraSell that as a watered down version of PFW but can be used without registering with feature limitations. Both programs could be unlocked using codes specific to the company name and address. This is the last update to AveraSell/Positive For Windows version 4.4. Included are the last know installation files and a keygen to generate the keys for the software. (If you already have the keygen from 4.3, you don't need to install it again. You can use the same one. To get the program to work, you will need to use Windows 7/10/11's Compatibility Mode and make the Installation run as Windows XP SP3. (When the program fully installs, you should also make sure the compatibility options is also set to Win XP SP3. To get the KeyGen program to work, use the provided installer and run it in a browser. (A shortcut is installed to the Windows Start Menu.) I've used it with Edge (based on Chromium, not the original), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Brave. It works fine. Make sure that the Company Details MATCHES what values you use in the KeyGen. The KeyGen web page provides you instructions on how to use the codes. If you already have version 4.3 installed, I recommend backing up all of your TPS files and then install 4.4 to a new directory, copying all of the TPS files and data directories into the new directory. INB4: I do not own the code. I've literally paid money for a license and I think the software is good.
Manufacturer: POSitive Software Company
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#23891PFW_44-Positive-For-Windows.zip72.9 MB0x24A1FD94

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