POSitive for Windows Point of Sale 4.3

Category: Office
Year: 2004
Description:POSitive for Windows (PFW) was a point-of-sale (POS) software manufactured and sold by POSitive Software Company (PSC). PSC released an additional POS product called AveraSell that as a watered down version of PFW but can be used without registering with feature limitations. Both programs could be unlocked using codes specific to the company name and address. To ensure that this doesn't get lost to time, this is the original installers and a key code generator written in HTML (I used to host it on my company's website but we went out of business so I'm archiving it here.) NOTE: The PFW installer can run on windows vista, 7, 8.x, and 10; however, you'll need to set its compatibility mode to Windows XP. The keygen will NOT work with internet explorer or edge, please use a real browser (FireFox, SeaMonkey, etc.) A Quick FYI: Both PFW 4.3 AND AveraSell have bugs in their help files. As of right now, I have made a patch that fixes the issues that I have been able to identify with the PFW help. I just wanted to let anyone know that 1) I'm still working on it to see if there's more bugs in the PFW help, 2) I'll get around to fixing the AveraSell help whenever I get around to it (now that I know what the issue is) If you'd like to install my Help patch, take the following steps: 1) Install POSitive For Windows (PFW) 2) Download and Install "PFW_Help_v2.exe" NOTE: If you've installed PFW to another drive OTHER THAN C: you'll get an error.. You'll need to click YES and choose the exact location were PFW is installed (example: D:\PFW or Q:\POSITIVE). If the installer is unable to find POSitive For Windows, it will give an error then just give up. The reason I did it this way is because if you use either my custom-built installers or the original PSC installers... the installer needs to be able to identify with 100% certainty that PFW and its help file are both there (somewhere) because the patch only installs the difference between the original file and the changes I made in the revised file rather than the full file itself. 3) Have Fun! Before I Forget: to get the PFW or AveraSell Software registered, you'll need to download my HTML KeyTool and run its setup program (all the setup installs is the files for the KeyTool and nothing more). Even though the KeyTool installer does a pretty good job of advocating for itself that KeyTool WILL NOT work in Internet Explorer or edge; I figured I might as well let you know. To register either POSitive For Windows or AveraSell: 1) Download and Install KeyTool 2) Run KeyTool.html in FireFox or another similar browser 3) Start your POS and either create your company for the first time or log on to your existing company. 4) Choose Help > Registration then choose "Change Registration [F5]") 5) Go back to KeyTool and choose your POS Product (either "POSitive For Windows" or "AveraSell") 6) Fill in your company name and address line 1 (Example: Internet Archive Store 123 E Main St.) remembering that it must be exactly like it is in File > System > Company (spelling, punctuation, spacing, and capitalization are all taken into account) 6) go back to the registration wizard and check that the SERIAL NUMBER that is in the registration wizard matches the one in the KeyTool. If they match, it's just a simple copy/paste job or print and manually enter job. 7) follow the instructions to complete the wizard then close and restart POS to see the changes take effect. 8) If all goes well, close your browser and there you go! ALERT: I don't work for PSC (nor have I ever), claim that I own the code, etc. I just am passionate about these programs and preserving legacy POS software. PSC hates my guts because I fight to keep these now ancient programs accessible to those who rely on them or who are just curious... so I give these installers to the IA just as extra protection just in case.
Manufacturer: POSitive Software Company
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

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