PFS:File Version A:01

Category: Office
Year: 1983
Description:PFS File is a flat-file database that lets you create entry forms, store data, and retrieve it in various ways. This archive contains two 160K disk images. A master copy, and a "spare" copy. Important: These disks contain copy protection. You must use the appropriate tool to write the images to a real disk, or use an emulator that supports one of the copy protected disk image formats. For your convenience, an unprotect has been applied to the raw disk image and extracted file set. Designed for use with PC-DOS 1.0 and higher.
Manufacturer: Software Publishing Corporation
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17213PFS File A01 (5.25).7z1 MB0x7BE17B5B
#17214PFS File A01 (Kryoflux).7z16.7 MB0x5F624D40
#17215PFS File A01 (SCP).7z3.9 MB0xCEB2389E
#17216PFS File A01 Manuals.7z22.2 MB0x7E64A3F7

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