PCem 8.1

Category: Utility
Year: 2014
Description:This is Pcem 8.1 with almost all the BIOS files. The only one that is missing is the acer386 ROM. I've added a simple hard disk, and a version of MS-DOS for testing along with a couple of games. This is the best retro-pc emulator, bare none. Emulates IBM PC/XT, AT, clone 386, 486 based systems.
Manufacturer: Tommo Walker
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#13642pcem-8.1-full.7z4.5 MB0xE11B4C96

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On Wednesday April 23, 2014 md-vetus said:

Thank you for the ROM collection

On Wednesday April 23, 2014 al tracker said:

Not running DN3D. Running Duke Nukem 1 from 1991. Using the Award 430VX PCI as downloaded. Shows only 48% in title bar at dos prompt. When running Duke1, shows only 27% in title bar. Can't find any way to change this. Running on Pentium 4 WinXP HT processor and this CPU is causing emulator to take up over 55% CPU utilization.
Changed to AMI 486 Clone (and 386 clone) and now works great in both. CPU utilization is now negligible. Shows 99-1001% in title bar. I will be trying this for running old office software.

On Monday April 21, 2014 Roger Winthorpe said:

What system are you emulating? the 386? lol it won't emulate DN3D really good... make sure in the title bar, that the % is high at least 101% so you are getting the true speed.
For Duke3D, try the AMI 486 DX2/66, it should be able to handle duke3d just fine.
Also can you share your floppy duke?

On Sunday April 20, 2014 al tracker said:

Nice PC Emulator. Already setup, which is great, because I could not get the bare bones program from Tom's Page to run. This works on my WinXP PC. Made a floppy disk image of Duke Nukem and installed to the HDD from the A drive. Installed ok. However, the performance is really poor. Very jerky motion. Tried varous setting changes, but nothing helped. Too bad, because I have been looking for alternative to Dosbox. Guess I'll just continue to use my old Digital PC (66MHz 486) for my old Dos programs.