PC Tools Pro 9

Category: Utility
Year: 1996
Description:The last DOS version of Central Point Software's PC Tools Pro system utilities.
Manufacturer: Central Point Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#12383PCTools9.zip5.2 MB0xED4AEA71

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On Monday April 25, 2022 Humberto said:

This is a very incomplete dump of an apparent PC Tools 9 installation, patched into Spanish.
Pretty much everything is missing, no PC Shell at all, CPAV complains about missing files, etc.
Almost a fake.

On Sunday January 18, 2015 Chris Van Genderen said:

This is actually an hard disk installation directory...Meaning it is a real install program that will execute. However, it installs a spanish language version of PC-Tools. I have taken all of the available web versions of pc-tools and patched this set to install english. I have also created a set of the original 5 1.44MB HD install disks that can be used to install via floppy. Please look for the other PC Tools Pro 9 install for this version.

On Sunday November 23, 2014 GME said:

This is just the copy of the installed directory on the harddrive. Would be better if someone uploads the installation-disks instead. But better then nothing.