PC Tools Deluxe 6.0

Category: Utility
Year: 1990
Manufacturer: Central Point Software
Localization: ES

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#3771[DOS_Application]_Central_Point_-_PC_Tools_6.0_Deluxe_(Spanish)_-_Installed.zip959.7 KB0x25038346Fake?

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On Tuesday April 26, 2022 Julius Bona said:

This is the first utility tool I learned in using a desk-top computer.
It opened me for the first time, to the world of using, and maintaining the operation of a desk-top computer...
That was 1995...

On Sunday January 20, 2013 JohnnyH said:

I used PC Tools Deluxe 6.0 and PC Tools Deluxe 5.5 From MS-DOS 3.2 through MS-DOS 5.Ii it's day PC-Tools was a very complete suite of powerful tools that could handle many P.C. tasks, from creating directors to backing up system and everything in between.

On Thursday June 5, 2008 guest (guest) said:

Central Point Software PC Tools Deluxe v6.0
Release Date: November 1990
File Size: 1.6 Mbytes
Operating System: DOS, Windows 3.1
License: Commercial. Sold for $149.00 in 1990.
The original PC Tools package was first developed as a suite of utilities for
DOS. With the introduction of version 4.0, the name was changed to PC Tools
Deluxe, and the primary interface became a colorful graphical DOS shell
(previously the DOS shell looked like PC BOSS and was monochrome.)
PC Tools Deluxe, is the Swiss army knife of utility programs. As this program
has evolved, it has added features. Version 6.0 is now a DOS shell (managing
files and programs), a back-up program, a data-recovery program, and desktop
manager. It runs on MS-DOS v3.3 or better. It did not support long file names.
In June 1994 Central Point was acquired by their top competitor Symantec who
ultimately discontinued the product line. PC Tools was the main competitor to
Norton Utilities. Symantec made sure that it then disappeared off the face of
the planet.
Some Utilities included:
PC Shell — a file manager, capable amongst other things of displaying the
contents of data files used by various popular database, word- processor, and
spreadsheet packages
PC-Cache — a licensed disk cache of HyperCache from the HyperDisk Speed Kit
Central Point Backup — a backup utility for archiving and restoring data to and
from disc or tape. In earlier releases, this utility was officially named "PC
Backup". Innovative features, at least for the late 80's, included compression
during backup and floppy disk spanning, and optional use of the Central Point
Option Board for 33% faster disk writing.
Central Point Desktop (CPS) — an alternative MS Windows desktop shell,
supporting nested icon groups, powerful file manager, resource monitoring
dashboard, virtual desktops, launch menus and many other features.

On Saturday April 26, 2008 John (guest) said:

I loved this set of utilities. Not the same company as PC Tools anti-spyware today. This company was bought out by Norton Utilities & then killed. Was ranked #1 in its day!

On Friday February 22, 2008 guest (guest) said:

Good Software that I Most Loved its
What I want to do is PCtools


On Wednesday July 25, 2007 guest (guest) said: