PC Tools 7.1 7.1

Category: Utility
Year: 1991
Description:Images meiner Original-Disketten (Highscreen) / Images of my original floppy disks
Manufacturer: Central Point Software
Localization: DE

Files to download

#9219DISK1.rar1.2 MB0x134D4BAE
#9220DISK2.rar1.1 MB0x8BC902DE
#9221DISK3.rar1.2 MB0xB74EE6BC
#9222DISK4.rar1.2 MB0x99AA7D9E

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On Tuesday September 25, 2012 Frank Eich said:

Vielen Dank! Genau die habe ich gesucht! Nostalgie pur (ach vermisse ich meinen Highscreen...) ;)